Details on joining the Inner Circle if you are an existing Constant Contact user (or a user of another email marketing service) 

"The fine print"

Since you have an existing email marketing account, here's how I can add you to the Inner Circle:   
If you signed up for Constant Contact at Constant, then with your permission, I will have your account moved under my partnership with Constant Contact, giving you access to my Inner Circle.

It does not in any way limit your relationship with Constant Contact or add any cost to your subscription.

The only restriction to a move of an existing Constant Contact account under me is that partners like me get compensated by Constant Contact.

If you signed up for your account under another Constant Contact partner, I will not ask them to move your account under me, as I will not knowingly take business away from someone else.

(I am very transparent about how I conduct my business, and respect/protect the financial interests of other partners. I would not want to lose an account to another partner, so I will not intentionally take an account away from one.)

Not sure how you had signed up?  Not to worry!

I will be able to confirm whether you're under another partner or not once you reply to this email providing your Constant Contact username (which is usually your email address).

The only exception to a move from another partner is if the Constant Contact customer/subscriber specifically contacts Constant Contact to request a change to me.

Is the move ok with you?

Just let me know I have your permission by sending me an email using the red button below.

I'll follow up with you with an email confirming your permission.

Once I have your permission, I'll let you know within 1-2 business days whether we were able to move your account.

If we can, I'll send you an invitation to the Inner Circle in an email. 

That's it!

Take the first step by clicking here

I can't wait to have you become a part of the Inner Circle community!