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Tom Ingram
President & CEO of DEMA

What People Are Saying About Ken

Ken is truly an expert in the world of marketing and particularly email. I have worked with Ken for a few years and can tell you his experience and passion is what sets him apart form all the other marketing "experts" out there. He is the real deal.

Ken Countess is a regular speaker and workshop leader with SCORE Orlando, and the draw his sessions have speaks to the quality of the advice he gives. From social media marketing and email marketing to SEO, websites and more, Ken has experience and speaks with authority in a way that engages and informs.

Ken Countess not only knows marketing, but he also knows how to impart his wisdom to others. From those just getting started in business to those operating at the highest level, Ken shares knowledge that can be easily understood and implemented to move the needle. His speaking sessions are not to be missed.

I've attended a couple of Ken's webinars and he is absolutely amazing. Very excited to get such an awesome speaker.

Wow! Ken is the email MAESTRO! He has helped me with tool selection; email design optimization. He is helping me with content, also. Before you send, talk to Ken!

Ken, Your Social Selling Webinar has been excellent. I am really learning a lot from going through your sessions. Thanks, Tony

Ken takes the time to truly learn and understand the strategies and tools that he teaches. He has found a way to engage his audiences with relevant content, relatable examples, and an approachable attitude. You will absolutely walk away from one of Ken's seminars with applicable knowledge.

Ken has developed and executes a very unique Marketing Strategy that Increases Your Highest Revenue Producing Clients. He helps you Attract and Retain clients and gives you a Competitive edge! We highly recommend The Countess Group.

When Ken Countess speaks to a group, it's never one size fits all. He customizes his presentations to fit each specific audience, zeroing in on their pain points and offering easy-to-implement tactics that can help them get closer to their goals. I wouldn't hesitate to ask him to speak to any group I'm involved with.

Ken Countess brings real solutions to real business problems in a clear, concise, and entertaining way. Ken always works hard to improve his content offerings to our organization and for our clients as well each year he speaks for us. I highly recommend Ken and hope to continue our relationship for many years to come!

Ken is a great speaker! He is clear, thorough and doesn't talk over my head. He knows SMB language, which means he can help make technical things seem easy! I highly recommend Ken as a speaker for your group.

Ken is a great guy and has a super organization. I have met with him personally over the years and attended many of his sessions. He is very knowledgeable and is a great speaker who can hold your interest. You will walk away with great ideas that you can use immediately.

Ken's seminars always provide good, reliable and actionable counsel, direction and insight. His seminars provide a great ROI - a short time with a Countess Group webinar nets the ability to engineer long-term, high impact professional change and re-direction.

Ken Countess puts on great presentations with lots of tips and tricks for online business marketing. Always entertaining and ready to provide assistance. I highly recommend getting on Ken's email list so that you never miss all the great seminars and information he provides!

I had the good fortune to see Ken Countess in action on two occasions. First was in Boca Raton, FL and second was Ft. Myers, FL both before the pandemic. You think you know a lot about email and social networks because you used them for years. What I didn't know surprised me. On both occasions I learned so much about marketing my business. Ken knows his stuff and communicates it well. I have put his tools to work and they have helped me grow my business.

Ken is an email marketing coach who helps his client see results! The value he offers his clients goes above and beyond. He is excellent to work with for your business email marketing. I would highly recommend you book a free consultation with him.

Ken is the best. After over 10 years, I'm still learning things from Ken. I'm grateful to know about him and be a devoted follower and student! 

Ken does a great job explaining how to create email marketing campaigns for a business. He also does a great job utilizing time during his Alignable training sessions.

I love Ken's soft, relaxed and kind voice that is so knowledgeable about the technical world and he gently invites you to join in!

"I would definitely recommend Ken Countess. Ken knows email! And Ken knows the best ways to help businesses grow."